Our Savior’s is proud to be  an Evangelical Lutheran  Church in America. 
Our Savior’s is 100%  Handicap Accessible and  provides hearing assist  devices for worship. 
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Insights for ministry come from the strangest places. Case in point: This summer, during the  second week of my sabbatical, while I was out golfing with a friend of mine on a Sunday  (afternoon!) at Ramsey golf course, I got my first hole-in-one! (If you receive the Austin  Daily Herald you might have seen it noted in the paper.) The funny thing is when I hit the  shot I didn’t expect that result at all. In fact, I felt that I had misshit it a bit and the ball was  destined for the pond in front of the green. So as the shot left the club I said, “Oh no, it’s  wet!” But my friend, Lee, who was standing right next to me said, “No, it’s perfect,” and he  was right. The ball just cleared the pond, hopped up onto the green and rolled straight into  the hole. We both laughed and cheered. The insight for ministry I received from this event  was that often when we do the work of ministry and service in Christ’s name we feel like  what we did was kind of a miss-hit. Maybe the sermon I preached I didn’t feel too good  about, or maybe the service that you performed you thought could have been done better.  Or maybe the mission trip you went on just wasn’t very well organized, or the turnout for  some event you planned was a bit disappointing. Or maybe you tried to say something  comforting to a grieving friend and it just came out all wrong. Knowing these things, we are  prone to think, “Oh no, it’s wet!” Translate: “I tried to serve God, but I botched it up.”  But the fact is... 
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